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Corporate Outing Ideas: Boost Productivity & Morale with a Pedal Wagon Cincinnati Tour


So you’ve built a great environment for your employees — you have the newest Keurig, heck, you even have craft beer AND kombucha on tap! But, let’s be honest, no matter how ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ your office is, there’s still a whole world outside those four walls that your employees are itching to explore.

According to a Bright HR Study,  fun in the workplace on a regular basis leads to significantly higher levels of creativity within employees, even for those who don’t work in a creative role or industry. The study went on to find that this is especially true for those who organize fun activities for their colleagues, bringing a whole new light to the saying ‘work hard, play hard’.

“Great!,” you say,  “But, where do I start and how do I know what my employees consider to be ‘fun’?  That’s where Pedal Wagon Cincinnati comes in.


What Are the Benefits of a Pedal Wagon Cincinnati Corporate Tour?

  • Cross-department bonding

    • Maybe the Accounting team doesn’t ever collaborate with HR but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to know each other! Switch up the seating throughout your Cincinnati team building Pedal Wagon tour and everyone will get the chance to talk with someone new! This can inspire new ideas, perspectives, strategies, or at least a couple really great jokes to tell at the holiday party.
  • Relaxed environment to strengthen connections

    • Sometimes people at work don’t see eye-to-eye… most of the time this is just a side effect of stress or monotony. Give your employees a chance to re-introduce themselves in a fun and stress-free environment! Chances are by the end of the day, the coworkers that were writing passive-aggressive memos will now be planning a golf trip together.
  • ‘Safe-zone’ for titleless discussions

    • Most companies prefer to promote from within. However, that is rather difficult if management does not know lower-level employees very well. Give everyone an opportunity to become comfortable sharing ideas and opinions with each other from all areas of the company. A Pedal Wagon Cincinnati team building activity is the perfect place for everyone to grab a beer and be themselves.
  • Opportunity to meet or impress clients

    • Show your clients who you truly are. A corporate outing aboard the Pedal Wagon Cincinnati is the perfect way to demonstrate your core competencies and what you value directly to your clients. Use a close setting to let your clients get to know you better. Trust often equates to business.


What Does a Pedal Wagon Cincinnati Corporate Tour Look Like?

  • The Pedal Wagon is a multi-passenger, pedal-powered wagon. We have multiple wagons available and can accommodate groups of 8 – 142 people.
  • Most of our cruises are 2-hours in length and we are BYOB, with restrictions. Complete alcohol policy can be found here.
  • For our standard tours, each wagon will pedal to the locations of your choice throughout Downtown Cincinnati and Over-the-Rhine. We have a great list of trusted partners, including local favorites like Arnold’s Bar & Grill, Queen City Radio, Fountain Square, Lucious Q, Rosedale, Washington Park & many more.
  • We also have specialty cruises that are perfect for corporate team building activities:
    • Cincinnati Mural Tour – Instead of bars & restaurants, you’ll pedal to Cincinnati’s urban masterpieces.
    • Pedal-Power Lunch – Operates Monday-Friday. We’ll pick you up at your office and pedal you to one of the city’s hottest spots for lunch!
    • Progressive Dinner – You’ll pedal to different establishments for appetizers, dinner, & dessert.
    • Redlegs Rally Cruise – Join us in root, root, rooting for the home team by stopping at Cincinnati’s best sports bars before pedaling to Great American Ball Park.
  • If you’d like to plan a custom route, please give us a call! We’ve also taken groups to places like the Contemporary Arts Center and have done plenty of Happy Hour adventures. We’ll do our best to make your Pedal Wagon Cincinnati experience as special for you as possible.


Need more proof? Our friends at companies like P&G, Kroger, Macy’s, 84.51˚, Christ Hospital, Fifth Third Bank, Fidelity,  and many more have enjoyed their corporate outings with us and have experienced these benefits!

Ready for your employees to bring a refreshed, positive attitude back to the workplace? Give us a call at 513-201-7655, send an email to, or head online to to book your Pedal Wagon Cincinnati team building cruise today.