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3 Must-Do Things in Columbus this Summer

 1. Check out the Short North District

a view of a city street

The Short North district has really become an amazing hub for all things fun. From art galleries to bars and nightlife, the Short North really is the go to for all things! Looking to experience the beautiful art? Hop in a Gallery Hop on the first Saturday of every month. Visitors can see be able to see street performers, new gallery exhibitions, and special events throughout the district. Go check out the Short North and see everything they have to offer.


For more information, click here.

2. Hop on a Pedal Wagon ride

Pedal Wagons are some of the best ways to experience the city. Explore downtown with our Northern Cap City Crawl, which explores the Short North District and the Italian Village. Or hop on our Southern Cap City Crawl, which explores the Arena district and the Central Business District. Trivia fan? Hop on a Trivia Trolley for a 2 hour cruise of proving your trivia knowledge. Looking to explore a bar or brewery? Schedule a Brewery or Tavern Cruise. Looking outside of the city? Head to Easton Town Center and ride on our Explore Easton Cruise.


Whatever the occasion, there is a fun Pedal Wagon Cruise for you!

3. Visit one of Columbus’ Beautiful Parks

a tree in a forest

Columbus has 20 awesome parks and over 28,400 acres of land. If you’re looking for a great way to spend time outside, this is it! This is a great way to spend your summer! With tons of activates, there is sure to be an activity for you!

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