Dayton Alcohol Policy - Pedal Wagon

36oz of Beer

(Must be <8% ABV)


Dayton Alcohol Policy - Pedal Wagon

18oz of Wine or Champagne

(Must be in single serving boxes or cans. No Glass!)

**No Bottles or Liquor**


BYOB: Bring-Your-Own-Beverages

Where to Buy Your Beer or Wine:

We recommend buying your beer supplies at either Canal Arcade & Deli, Barrel House (they also sell wine), or Dayton Beer Company. Please check their hours of operation ahead of time as we cannot guarantee that they will be open prior to all Pedal Wagon launches. All are located nearby our starting location at 28 North Patterson Blvd, Dayton, OH 45402.

*Tailgating on side streets, parking lots, or outside of partner establishments is strictly prohibited! Riders are subject to additional fines if caught before, during or after their cruise.*

Please review our BYOB/W rules below:

Dayton Alcohol Policy - Pedal Wagon

36oz of Can Beer/Rider

Must be <8% ABV
*Malt beverages such as Lime-a-ritas are also allowed.

Dayton Alcohol Policy - Pedal Wagon

No Bottle Wine Allowed!

We only allow 18oz of single-serve boxed or canned wine/champagne.

Dayton Alcohol Policy - Pedal Wagon

No Liquor or Bottled Beer

This includes mixed drinks, jello shots and flasks.

Alcohol can only be brought on the Pedal Wagon if every rider onboard is over the age of 21.

If someone forgets their ID or is under 21, the cruise will still launch, however alcohol will NOT be allowed onboard for anyone.

Our Captains are not licensed bartenders and therefore cannot touch, pour, or serve your alcohol during your ride.

Absolutely under no circumstance may you bring alcohol (opened or unopened) into any establishments before, after, or during your ride. Riders are subject to fines if they directly disobey an establishment’s policy on alcohol.

Absolutely under no circumstance may you dispose of any alcohol in any other place than the trash bags provided for you on the wagon.

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