Have questions before you book your Pedal Wagon cruise? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page below. Still looking for answers? Give us a call!

The Pedal Wagon is a multi-passenger ‘rolling celebration’ that takes you on 2-hour rides to Columbus’ best bars, restaurants, historic landmarks, parks — you name it!

You can choose from a variety of cruises, on which you will share memorable experiences with friends, family, coworkers, or complete strangers as you discover Columbus’ best-kept-secrets and favorite local establishments.

It’s the perfect way to gather together and celebrate birthdays, corporate outings, family reunions, Blue Jackets pre-games, or just because!

Not all Pedal Wagons are alike! In fact, they vary quite a bit in appearance. Depending on what cruise you take and what wagon is used, your Pedal Wagon may or may not have seat-backs, an electric assist, side-flaps, a back bench, or seats for non-pedalers. If you have a preferred wagon preference, please make sure to speak with a representative prior to making your booking!

Columbus Pedal Wagon Information

15-Passenger Wagon

6-Seater Bike

The Pedal Wagon operates seven days a week, all year round. We do close for certain holidays and scheduled staff outings — these dates will be blocked out on our online booking reservation system and will be shared on our social media accounts and within our emails.

Our wagons can be taken out as early as 10:30 am and as late as 10:00 pm. We are off the roads by midnight for safety reasons.

We recommend booking 1-2 months in advance, especially if you’re planning on riding during our peak season (March-October) or during a weekend as these time slots tend to fill up very quickly.

You may book a ride within 48-hours of the cruise time. All of our cruise availability is always visible on our online booking reservation system. You can also book a ride by phone. We take full payment at the time of booking to hold reservations.

Our online booking reservation systems closes within 48-hours of the cruise time to ensure that we have enough time to schedule a Captain. If you’d still like to book a cruise with us within 48-hours, please give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Most of our wagons are purely pedal-powered, so please expect to be pedaling during your ride unless you are sitting in one of the few seats on the wagon that doesn’t require pedaling.

If a wagon has a full group of eager pedalers, then propelling it via purely pedal-power is easy. If a wagon has fewer pedalers or a group that isn’t willing to pedal, then some of the inclines around the city we will climb slowly.

If you bring comfortable shoes and a good attitude, then you should have no problem pedaling. If your group is still worried about being able to pedal, some of our wagons have electric-assists to help with the hills but these must be requested prior to booking.

**Let us know before you book if you would like a wagon with an electric-assist and we will let you know the times that these wagons will be available.
**Not all cruises have the option for an electric-assist wagon.

We have multiple 15-passenger wagons, one 13-passenger wagon, and one 6-seater bike available in Columbus. Please see the seating breakdown for each below:

15-passenger wagons:

  • 5 pedaling seats on each side — these 10 riders do have to pedal
  • 2 bicycle-style seats positioned above the wheels — these 2 riders don’t have to pedal
  • 3 riders on the rear bench — these 3 riders don’t have to pedal

13-passenger wagon (only available on select routes):

  • 4 pedaling seats on each side — these 8 riders do have to pedal
  • 2 additional bicycle style seats positioned above the wheels — these 2 riders don’t have to pedal
  • 3 riders on the rear bench — these 3 riders don’t have to pedal
  • No electric assist

6-seater bike (only available on select routes):

  • 6 pedaling seats — all 6 riders do have to pedal

What if we have more than 15 riders?

If you have 15 people in your group, we can have one person stand in the middle of the wagons, however, we will not have an actual seat for them. Per our insurance provider, no more than 16 passengers are allowed on board – NO EXCEPTIONS!  

If your group is more than 16 people, then you can either reserve multiple private wagons or have some folks walk the route alongside the wagon. We currently have 8 wagons and one 6-seater bike in Columbus. In total, our fleet can hold up to 132 passengers, with 8 people standing in the middle of the wagons. Please call us if you’d like to arrange a multi-wagon and bike ride.

**Please refer to the ‘What if I have a big group’ FAQ question below for more information. Please call ahead prior to booking to ensure we are able to accommodate large group requests!**

We do have the capability of doing multi-wagon bookings. Multi-wagon launches must be completed by contacting a Pedal Wagon Customer Service Representative in order to make sure all your needs are met. Please call us directly to book multiple wagons. Larger groups are subject to an additional gratuity charge.

The Columbus North location has 2 15-passenger wagons, 1 13-passenger wagon, and 1 6-seater bike that are all purely pedal-powered (no electric assist available). So, if you’re wanting to do a Bike, Bevies, & Brunch, Northern Cap City Crawl, or the Tavern Cruise, we can fit up to a party of 49!

The Columbus South location has 5 15-passenger wagons, all are electrically assisted to help with pedaling. So, if you’re wanting to do a Blue Jackets Pregame, Brewery Cruise, Corporate Lunch, or the Southern Cap City Crawl, we can fit up to a party of 75!

We have both Private and Public rides available for reservation. Please note, we only accept private bookings for our 6-seater bike.

Private Wagons: If you’d like to reserve the entire Pedal Wagon, please book a private cruise. If you have more than 13 or 15 people, you can reserve more than one wagon at a time and they will all follow the same route. Please refer to the ‘What if I have a big group?’ question for more details.

Public Wagons: If you’d like to reserve individual seats on a Pedal Wagon, please book a public cruise. For public cruises, there must be at least 8 riders in order for the cruise to launch.

We will always provide the driver, or ‘Captain’, who will drive, operate, and navigate the Pedal Wagon and will steer you to a good time!

What to bring (Please note, there is no overhead storage on our 6-seater bike. Storage is very limited. Please call ahead if you are planning on bringing anything extra on our 6-seater bike.):

  • Government-Issued ID – Every rider must bring a government-issued and valid form of identification prior to riding.
  • Proof of Signed Waiver – Every rider must complete a Liability Waiver prior to riding. We strongly encourage riders to fill out their waivers electronically before arrival.
  • Comfortable Clothes/Shoes – Please be sure to wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes for pedaling. We have storage space available on our 13-passenger and 15-passenger wagons for extra layers, like jackets. (Please note, there is no overhead storage on our 6-seater bike. Storage is very limited.)
  • Food & Drinks – Riders are welcome to bring their own drinks and food. If riders are bringing alcohol, they must abide by our Alcohol Policy at all times. Water may be available for purchase, but we suggest bringing your own hydrating drinks (especially in the summer months). Snacks are never a bad idea either! Please note that you cannot bring any outside food or drink inside of our partner establishments.
  • Cash – Not required, but we suggest that you have cash on-hand for easy transactions inside of the bars.
  • Music/Playlists – Not required, but we do let you choose your own music while pedaling, so Pedal Wagon playlists are encouraged! Each wagon has the capability for an auxiliary or USB hook up; we provide the speakers and cords. Please be mindful that we operate within residential neighborhoods so music volume is controlled by the Captain!
  • Decorations – Not required and only allowed on private wagons, but festive decorations and themed Pedal Wagons are certainly encouraged as long as they’re not offensive or inappropriate. (Please note, there is no overhead storage on our 6-seater bike. Storage is very limited.)

What Pedal Wagon provides:

  • Coolers with ice
  • Plastic cups
  • Helmet (optional)
  • Rain ponchos are available for purchase (in addition to cool Pedal Wagon merch!)
  • Auxiliary cord to play your own tunes!
  • Wristbands/hand stamps for bar discounts  
  • Overhead storage space on each 13-passenger and 15-passenger wagon for purses, jackets, umbrellas, etc. There is no overhead storage on our 6-seater bike. 
  • A well-informed Captain to steer the Pedal Wagon and guide the way during your pedal-powered adventure! 

Yes, you can drink alcohol on the Pedal Wagon. We are BYOB, but with the following restrictions. Please read carefully as each of these is strictly enforced:

  • Alcohol can only be brought on the Pedal Wagon if every rider onboard is over the age of 21.
  • Only beer and wine-related beverages are allowed and in limited quantities per rider.
    • Each rider can only bring 36 oz of beer (must be <8% ABV, Alcohol By Volume) OR 18 oz of wine or champagne (cannot be in glass containers. Mini cans and plastic bottles are allowed).
    • Malt beverages such as Lime-a-rita’s are allowed.
  • If someone forgets their ID or is under 21, the cruise will still launch – however alcohol will NOT be allowed onboard for anyone.
  • No hard liquor, mixed drinks, jello shots, or flasks are allowed.
  • No glass is allowed.  
  • Our Captains are not licensed bartenders and therefore cannot serve or pour you any alcohol during your ride.
  • Absolutely under no circumstance may you bring alcohol (opened or unopened) into any establishments before, after, or during your ride. Riders are subject to fines if they directly disobey an establishment’s policy on alcohol.
  • Absolutely under no circumstance may you dispose of any alcohol in any other place than the trash bags provided for you on the wagon.

Looking for a convenient place to purchase alcohol near us? Our recommendation is:

*Please note that the operational hours and pricing are subject to change

If you have further questions, please review our Alcohol Policy or give us a call.

The Bookee, the person who submitted the booking, will receive an automated text message from the Pedal Wagon at 9:00 am EST on the day of their ride which will include specific instructions in regards to meeting time/location, our BYOB Alcohol Policy, and Liability Waiver Forms. It is the bookee’s responsibility to relay all information to the rest of the party as the Pedal Wagon has no way of contacting the other riders.

Starting Locations (please note that there are two different starting locations in Columbus. Starting locations depend on the cruise that you are riding on, unless otherwise indicated):

*You are encouraged to arrive 20 minutes prior to your wagon launching time to ensure enough time to check in.
*Unless otherwise indicated, all cruises will end 2 hours after the designated start time, regardless of whether the trip starts late due to people arriving late.

Ending Locations (ending locations differ for each cruise, unless otherwise indicated):

  • Columbus South – Blue Jackets Pregame + Brewery Cruise + Corporate Lunch + Southern Cap City Crawl: ends on Park Street across from North Market (about a block away from the launching location)
  • Columbus North – 6-Seater Bike, Bike, Bevies, & Brunch + Northern Cap City Crawl + Tavern: Intersection of 6th/High St, behind Kroger, 17 E 6th Ave Columbus, Ohio 43201

*Please note that there are two different starting locations in Columbus. Parking options depend on the cruise that you are riding on, unless otherwise indicated

Columbus South – Blue Jackets Pregame + Brewery Cruise + Southern Cap City Crawl:

There are many parking spaces throughout downtown, including street parking, surface lots and garages. Two-wheeled vehicles (motorcycles, mopeds and motor scooters) may legally park in the same spaces as cars and trucks, and there are specially designated locations just for two-wheeled motorized vehicles that display a special permit.

Recommended Parking:

Columbus North – Bike, Bevies, & Brunch + Northern Cap City Crawl + Tavern Cruise:

Parking Meters and On-Street Parking:

Public parking meters that cost 75¢ per hour (free on Sundays and City of Columbus holidays), accepting both quarters and all major credit cards, are located along High Street

Street parking spaces can be found on the following residential streets: Courtland Avenue, Indianola Avenue, 5th, 6th, 7th Streets, Dennison Avenue, Hunter Avenue, Smith Place, etc.

Parking Garages:

There are a couple parking garages in the Short North Arts District that offer convenient public parking on an hourly or daily basis, including:

Please head to our parking recommendations pages: Columbus South & Columbus North for additional details and recommendations for parking. There you can also find information for buses, taxis, biking, and ride shares.

If you will be drinking alcohol, we strongly recommend lining up a designated driver or taking a cab or ride-share home. If you feel that you’ve had too much to drink, please ask one of our Captains to help call someone to pick you up, call a cab, or order a ride share. We do not tolerate drinking and driving!

There is no bathroom onsite or on any of our wagons.

We encourage riders to use other facilities before arrival or wait until we reach our partner establishments during the ride.

Please keep in mind that it is illegal to urinate/undress in public. These rules are clearly stated in the Liability Waiver that every rider must sign before riding the Pedal Wagon.  Riders will be subject to fines of up to $200 if they break these rules.

If you made a reservation and need to cancel or reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Within 2 Weeks: No refund will be given unless we’re able to resell your seats.
  • 2+ Weeks: Full refund will be given.

Events out of Pedal Wagon’s control: If we need to cancel your cruise because of events that are out of Pedal Wagon’s control (i.e. protests, riots, natural disasters, etc.), you will receive a raincheck that’s good for any future cruise of the same value – not a refund.  This determination is up to the Pedal Wagon, not the customer. We will always operate with an abundance of caution in mind.

If you have further cancellation-related questions, please contact us at

The Pedal Wagon rolls rain or shine! Ohio weather can be unpredictable so please make sure that you dress accordingly.

Our 13-passenger and 15-passenger wagons have plenty of room to store any extra layers, umbrellas, personal belongings, or hydrating supplies. Some wagons are also equipped with side flaps that can be lowered in case of rain showers. Please note that our 6-seater bike has no overhead storage or covering/roof. Storage is very limited on our 6-seater bike and ponchos will be complimentary in the event of rain.

If the weather becomes dangerous, Pedal Wagon reserves the right to cancel the ride and offer a rain check.

If you have further weather-related questions, please contact us at

We want everyone to be able to ride the Pedal Wagon — we’ve had riders celebrate everything from ‘Sweet 16’ birthday parties to Nursing Home outings — but there are a few requirements:

  • For any cruise where alcohol is brought onboard the Pedal Wagon, all riders must be at least 21 years old.
  • For any cruises where there is no alcohol onboard the Pedal Wagon, riders can be under 21 years old.
  • If riders are under 18 years old, they must have their parents complete a liability waiver for them. Cruises with minors onboard must be *private* Pedal Wagon rentals.
  • All public wagon cruises are 21+

If riding on a public wagon, the Captain will do their best to accommodate all groups aboard for selecting destinations. Please keep in mind that we try to be fair to everyone, which means you may only get to select 1 or 2 stops and will need to let other riders have their say too!

If riding a private wagon, you’re welcome to pick and choose your stops from the list of partners designated specifically to your route (these are listed on each route’s description page on our website). Groups typically visit 2-3 places during the normal 2-hour cruise. Please keep in mind that more time spent inside the bars means less time on the wagon! We recommend doing 2 stops, and enjoying your time pedaling around, consuming the drinks you bring aboard!

Yes! Please contact us before you make a reservation so we can coordinate and make sure that we are able to accommodate your needs.

Dependant on time and date, each cruise has a predetermined route. If given enough prior notice, Pedal Wagon will try to accommodate any variations to the route, however the Captain does reserve the right to deny suggestions the day of the cruise.

Additional charges may apply dependent specific cruise routes and electric-assist wagon availability.

If your group has to be kicked off the Pedal Wagon due to poor conduct or due to the breaking rules that are clearly listed on the liability waiver, a possible $200 fee will be charged to the credit card on file. This card will be issued no refund.

Once kicked off the Pedal Wagon, your group will be responsible for coordinating transportation from the point that you are ejected.

What could cause us to get kicked off the Pedal Wagon? Infractions that result in a Pedal Wagon cruise immediately ending and a subsequent fee being charged include, but are not limited to:

  • Unboarding the Pedal Wagon while the Pedal Wagon is in motion
  • Over Intoxication — This includes passing out on the wagon or at an establishment, throwing up on the wagon or at an establishment, falling off of the wagon, not being unable to stand, careless or unruly behavior (such as standing up while pedaling or rocking the wagon) sleeping, dizziness, unable to support oneself, etc. 
    • Determining whether or not a rider is over intoxicated is up to the Captain’s or Manager’s discretion. All of our Captains and Managers are trained in dealing with drunk customers and are instructed to use their best judgment. The Pedal Wagon does not tolerate over intoxication.**
  • Intoxication at arrival prior to cruise start
  • Fake ID, or knowledge of fake ID
  • Possession of liquor — This includes liquor-based items such as jello shots, gummy bears, pre-mixed drinks or concealed containers such as plastic bottles or flasks
  • Giving alcohol to non-passengers
  • Indecent Exposure — This includes public urination, flashing, or mooning
  • Use of foul language/gestures
  • Littering
  • Tailgating on side streets, parking lots, or outside of partner establishments
  • Public consumption off the wagon
  • Getting kicked out of partner establishments during the cruise
  • Pedal Wagon abandonment

**Due to safety concerns, the Captain and/or Manager may end a cruise at his/her own discretion. Infractions listed above are not the only reasons we may need to end a cruise. Please keep in mind that we need to operate with everyone’s safety in mind

Passengers can not take the unfinished alcohol off the wagon at the end of the cruise. Please make sure to only bring what you plan to consume!

Riders cannot bring their coolers, any opened or unopened alcoholic beverages into our partner establishments at any time before, during, or after their ride is complete.

Partner establishments can, and will, deny entry to folks who bring in personal coolers/drinks into their establishment. Riders are subject to additional fines if they directly disobey a partner establishments policy on outside alcohol!

Tipping isn’t mandatory, but is always appreciated! If you enjoyed your time with your Captain, average tips range between 15%-20% of booking price! Riders are also encouraged to leave their Captain’s a nice review on one of our social media platforms.

Pedal Wagon is not responsible for any personal items that may be left behind after a ride is complete. Please make sure to check that you have all your stuff before leaving the Pedal Wagon!

We’ll do our best to keep track of any items that are left behind, but again, cannot guarantee this. Please give us a call if you left something behind.

Guns, Pedal Wagons, and alcohol do not mix. Please do not bring firearms to your cruise.  

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