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Book: Tell us what route, who's riding, and when you'd like to ride.

Sign: Complete a liability waiver and bring it with you on ride day.

Prep: Read up on our alcohol policy and cooridate your drinks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink alcohol on the Pedal Wagon?

YES! CLICK HERE to read up on what is, and is not, allowed.

How many of us can ride the Pedal Wagon?

Each Pedal Wagon has room for 15 riders: 6 pedalers on each side, and 3 riders on the rear bench. You can book a PRIVATE RIDE and reserve out all 15 seats, or book a PUBLIC RIDE to reserve individual seats and combine parties!

  • Cincinnati has 6 Pedal Wagons (up to 90 person party)
  • Columbus has 5 Pedal Wagons (up to 73 person party)

Per our insurance provider, we will always provide the driver for your party.  We will roll with as few as 8 pedalers, but the saying, “the more the merrier”, really rings true.

Cancellation/Weather Policy
Cancellation Policy If you reserved out the bike for a tour, and need to cancel or reschedule please let us know as soon as possible. The following cancellation policy applies to ride reservations.






  •  Within 2 Weeks: (Will refund if able to resell your seats)
  •  2+ Weeks is a full refund

Weather Policy The Pedal Wagon rolls rain or shine! We all know how unpredictable Ohio’s weather can be, so make sure you dress accordingly. The Pedal Wagon has plenty of room to store your extra layers or hydrating supplies. If weather becomes dangerous, Pedal Wagon reserves the right to cancel the ride and offer a rain check. **If you have any questions, or concerns, please email (Cincy) or (Cbus) so we can find a resolution.**

Is pedaling difficult?
With a bike full of eager riders, propelling the Pedal Wagon is easy. With fewer pedalers, or a group with slackers, some inclines around the city can be challenging. Bring comfortable shoes, and a good attitude, and you’ll roll through the ride, no problem! If you’re group is worried about being able to pedal, some of our bikes have electrical assists to help with the hills. Let us know, and we can match you with a tour/time that will give you a helpful boost!
Age requirements?
We want everyone to ride the Pedal Wagon, but there are a few requirements. Riders must be at least 21 years old on all pub crawls, or any tour where alcohol is on the Pedal Wagon. For non-pub crawls, riders can be under 18, but must have their parents complete a liability wavier for them.
Should I bring my own food and drink?
Feel free to bring any food or drink, but if it’s alcohol, please make sure it is in compliance with our alcohol policy here.
Can I create a Custom Route?
Yes! Just let us know ASAP, so we can coordinate. Custom Starting/Ending Location – *Additional charges may apply dependent on city, specific cruise routes, and motorized wagon availability. Please contact Pedal Wagon to discuss options prior to booking*
What happens if my group has to be kicked off?
If your group has to be kicked off due to poor conduct, or breaking rules listed on the liability waiver, a $200 fee will be charged to the credit card on file, and you will be issued no refund. You will be responsible for coordinating transportation from the point you are ejected. Infractions that result in the tour immediately ending, and a $200 fee being charged include, but are not limited to:





*Unboarding the Pedal Wagon while the Pedal Wagon is in motion
*Over Intoxication: this includes throwing up, falling off, and is at the Captain or manager’s discretion
*Intoxication at arrival prior to tour start
*Fake ID, or knowledge of Fake ID
*Giving alcohol to non-passengers
*Indecent Exposure including public urination, flashing or mooning 
*Use of foul language/gestures
*Public consumption off the wagon
*Kicked out of partner establishments 
*Pedal Wagon abandonment 
What happens to unfinished alcohol at the end of the tour?
Passengers can not take the unfinished alcohol off the wagon at the end of the tour.
What is your conceal carry policy?
Guns, Pedal Wagons, and alcohol do not mix. Please do not bring firearms to your tour.